Meet Andrew

On this page you will find information about Andrew, written by Julie, along with embarrassing baby pictures.  Enjoy!

Andrew is an engineer, twin, Pittsburgh native, and all-around good egg.  He would probably be a good ally in a zombie apocalypse because he's very handy, but might not be able to shoot someone in the head if they were bitten.

Asked about himself, he states: I am an ultra-normal man.  I'm low-key.  I'm easy-going.  I'm not overly expressive, yet I'm completely honest at all times.  The ironic result of being both totally uninhibited and mild-mannered is that my sincerity has repeatedly raised suspicion in first impressions.  I'm actually as guileless as I appear.

According to Julie, his greatest talent is "diplomacy that would make even the greatest of Kennedys envious."

He is an ENFP-type personality who enjoys scuba diving, D&D, rock climbing, and outer space.

Here is Andrew and his brother as wee infants and at their bar mitzvahs, becoming men:

  Here is Andrew after losing an eating contest to Julie: