Contact Info

If you would like to send Julie and/or Andrew correspondence, you can:

E-mail Andrew at

E-mail Julie at

Find us on FaceBook.

Send us a carrier pigeon.  (Please note: we will not return your pigeon.)

Send snail mail to us at 2320 4th Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90018.

Things you should send us:
  • Congratulatory cards.
  • The secret Coca-Cola formula you've been guarding for years.
  • Gift cards or money.
  • Lovingly hand-crafted kitsch.
  • A ghost in a jar (labeled as such so that we don't open the jar and let it out).
  • Things to autograph in case either of us ever gets famous.
Things you should not send us:
  • Hate mail.
  • Ice cream or other meltables.
  • Glitter.
  • Old batteries or expired pharmaceuticals.
  • A ghost in a jar (unlabeled).
  • Bees.