If you would like to ask a question, go ahead and e-mail either of us!  Our contact info is on the contact tab, and we will respond to all correspondence within 48 hours.

Q:  Is this wedsite done?

A:  No, not by a long shot!  We are working on it!

Q:  Are you aware that "wedsite" is a very forced pun?

A:  Yes, but we make no apologies for it.

Q:  Is the wedding outdoors?

A:  Yes, so be sure to bring your standard survival gear.  We don't expect that all guests will make it out alive.  The harsh meadow environment of the Southern California Botanical Garden has claimed many good men's lives.

Q:  But what if it rains?

A:  We live in southern California.
Q:  What is Julie wearing?

A:  A traditional white dress.  Surprised?  Yeah, everyone is. 

Q:  What should I wear?

A: A traditional white dress.  No, wait!  You should wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in.  The color scheme is mostly blues so I guess blue, but we won't eject you from the proceedings if you come wearing Day-Glo orange.

Q:  Help!  I haven't gotten an invitation yet!

A: Invitations are going to be sent out sometime in August.  If you have received a "Save the Date" card, congrats, you're in.  The invitations are just for us to get an official head count for catering purposes.  If you have NOT received ANYTHING and feel this was in error, e-mail us with a mailing address and we'll fix it.

Q:  Will there be food other than cake?
A: Yes.  The wedding includes the ceremony and a reception afterwards for stuffing your face and schmoozing with Andrew and Julie's friends and family.

Q:  Is the wedding all vegetarian?
A: Yes.  Sorry, carnivores.

Q:  Is the ceremony Christian, Jewish, or secular?
A: Yes.

Q:  How do I request a song to play at the reception?
A: E-mail us.

Q:  Will there be a bachelor/bachelorette party?
A: At this time, none is scheduled.  However, we are accepting lap dances, if you would like to provide one.

Q:  Wait, isn't September 22nd a Thursday?
A: Yes.  Julie likes Thursdays.  Deal with it.