Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Julie and Andy Are Getting Married!

Welcome, weary internet traveler!  Pull up a virtual chair and sit a spell, and let me wind you a yarn about Julianne McGinn and Andrew Gross, who are getting married and have set up this convenient "wedsite" for you to learn more!

Here you will find any and all the information you could possible need about Julie and Andrew's upcoming wedding.  For example, if you want information, you can check out the Date and Time link.  If you want to see nauseatingly cute pictures of Julie and Andrew, click on the Pictures link.  We also have a registry set up, the story of our engagement, and, perhaps most importantly, information regarding The Cake.  If you would like to contribute to planning the cake, go take the survey now!

Please contact us with any questions, and feel free to submit pictures, stories, and/or other media to this blog as it relates to Julie and Andrew's relationship.

If you navigated to this page by accident and have NO IDEA who Julie or Andrew is, don't worry!  We have a little bio of each so you can get to know them.  If you already know them, you might want to look anyway, just to see some cute baby pictures.

Have fun!